Our Services  

LIA Services are grouped into five categories to meet the needs of the individual and their families; Education and Prevention, family well being, Counseling, Emergency housing, and Social Support Work.  

Education and Prevention Services  
These services promote the well being of children and young persons, and which enable their families to meet their care, control and support responsibilities, services provided;  

           Domestic Violence Prevention Programmes
           Services to support youth and reduce the risk of offending
           Parenting programme

Promoting Family Well Being
Services which provide support to families, services provided;

           family home-base support services
           Support for ‘at-risk; children and young people and their families
           Development programmes for groups of individual and their families
           Support services to families experiencing family violence
           Budgeting service
           Mediation and Disputes Resolution services  

Counselling Services
Counselling services including crisis counselling, services provided for;  

            victims of domestic violence
            domestic violence offenders
            families at risk of family breakdown
            anger management
            general counseling for individuals

Emergency Housing 

Emergency accommodation and short term support accommodation assistance that provides temporary shelter for individuals and families who have difficulties in accessing permanent accommodation.  Service includes educations related outputs and associated services provided with accommodation.  

Social Support Work 

We provides social work advocacy, information and advice on housing, Work and Income, IRD , immigration, legal and personal matters. Supporting families with dependent children who are at risk of poor life outcome.

Each service is supported by one or more programmes.  A programme can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting such as a family environment.  The following diagram demonstrates the relationship between a service and its corresponding programmes.